About Our Firm And Our Attorneys

The Spencer Firm, LLC, was founded in 2010 on the principle that all clients would receive representation with compassion, commitment and excellent communication. Our firm's success and our clients' successful outcomes reflect the abundant strengths we bring to the table.

  • Our diverse background benefits our clients when dealing with allegations of discrimination.
  • We are skilled at resolving disputes for companies because of our innovative approaches to mediation and negotiations.
  • Our team thinks outside the box, creating strategic and effective solutions.
  • Somos abogados bilingües. Hablamos español. We are Maryland-raised bilingual, English-speaking and Spanish-speaking attorneys. We welcome opportunities to work with people of many nationalities and backgrounds.

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Meet our Office Manager/Paralegal Zugeily Robinson

Compassion, Communication, Commitment

At The Spencer Firm, we truly care about our clients and go to great lengths to represent their best interests. We emphasize clear communication. Our clients become part of our team when we are working with them. We focus on prevention and resolution of employment law problems before resorting to litigation.

If we represent you, we are committed to keeping you fully informed and involved in your case. We are here to inform you of your rights and answer your questions.

Services Our Employment And Labor Law Attorneys Provide

Listening is the first phase and the most important part of representation. We are here to hear about your concerns and advise you on the best steps regarding your employment law matters.

For individuals, the firm delivers legal advice and reviews employment and severance agreements. Our attorneys are prepared for negotiations, mediation and litigation over wage and hour issues and unpaid overtime. We represent workers in unemployment hearings.

For businesses, the firm helps employers avoid disputes and minimize exposure when disputes occur. The firm represents businesses during the administrative process with the EEOC, unemployment offices, Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, and the DC Commission on Human Rights. We also represent companies in state and federal court lawsuits. We draft and review noncompete agreements, nonsolicitation agreements, employment agreements, manuals, and other employment-related contracts and documents. The firm also provides advice to employers on general workplace issues to help avoid larger conflicts. We work with human resources (HR) departments and general counsel for larger companies, providing in-depth interpretation of employment laws.

Request A Consultation — Se Habla Español

Contact us by email or by phone at 301-683-7528 to arrange for an appointment regarding your employment law concerns.

Initial consultations about wage and hour claims for employees are free. We handle these cases on a contingency basis, with no attorneys' fees due until a settlement or verdict is paid out.