Workers Often Ask These Questions About Their Legal Rights

Initial consultations on wage and hour claims are free at The Spencer Firm, LLC. In other areas of the law, we will be upfront about fees and offer individualized payment arrangements.

Some Common Questions Clients Bring To Our Law Offices

At our Maryland, law firm, every question on a client’s mind is important. We listen, we care and we work hard to deliver results to satisfy people’s employment law needs. Below are some questions we have come across:

Is my claim worth pursuing?

Through a basic review of the facts and analysis of relevant laws, it will not take long for an experienced lawyer to deliver an informed answer to this question. Contact The Spencer Firm, LLC, to discuss your potential overtime or discrimination case with an attorney.

What are my rights regarding overtime pay or another employment law issue?

To answer this question, our lawyers will consider the facts of your case in light of relevant federal laws, state laws, local, and other laws and regulations.

What is the process of pursuing a claim or lawsuit? What should I expect in terms of time, money and necessary steps?

Clear expectations are very helpful as you embark on an employment law case. Keep in mind that surprises — good or bad — may develop. Nevertheless, an understanding of the events to anticipate can help you prepare to be fully engaged and help your own case.

Is my employer’s offer of a severance package fair? Should I hold out for more?

A review of your employment contract, patterns of termination at your place of employment, industry trends, federal laws and the circumstances leading to your layoff may all help answer these questions. Talk to an experienced lawyer at The Spencer Firm, LLC, to get an idea about what amount of severance pay is appropriate in your case. We can also review the severance agreement for you.

If I file a complaint, claim or lawsuit, will it affect my employment?

Early legal counsel can help you prepare to file a retaliation claim against your employer if the employer violates relevant laws, such discrimination, overtime, wage laws, etc.

“Soy indocumentado.” I am undocumented and experienced an injustice at work. Can I file a claim without fear?

Employment laws apply to you even if you do not have proper legal status. However, every case is unique. For confidential analysis, contact The Spencer Firm, LLC. Attorney Deyka Williams Spencer is a native of Panama, raised in Maryland and is fully bilingual. Our law firm has represented many clients that are not documented and were not paid properly. We are confident that we can give you reliable advice and direction in your employment law case particularly in overtime and wage violations.

How long will it take to get reimbursed for unpaid overtime wages?

This is a fair question, and we can best answer it after learning about the particulars of your case.

How can the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Office of Human Rights help my case?

We can advise you on how to file a complaint through the appropriate agency. We also represent clients through the agency process if needed.

When should I be contacting an attorney?

As soon as you suspect your employer has violated a law by withholding overtime pay or requiring you to work off the clock, talk to a lawyer. The statute of limitations — two years for a federal court case or three years for a Maryland court case — can come and go before you know it. Developing a compelling case takes time.

Bring Your Own Questions To Our Attention

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