Wrongful Termination Lawyer

If you need an attorney to review your severance agreement, our firm can help. We can review your agreement,
provide you with our view of the terms and help you determine your next steps. We will explain the agreement to
you to assure that you understand what you are signing. If there is cause for negotiation, we can assist with
negotiation of your agreement as well. We provide you with the necessary information to allow you to decide how
to proceed.

Employment Law Attorney in Rockville, MD

At times, what exactly constitutes wrongful termination can be difficult to define. While employers in Maryland can hire and fire at will, there are restrictions on what can motivate the termination of employment.

Examples of wrongful termination include:

  • Terminations due to discrimination.
  • Termination that violates public policy.
  • Retaliation for whistleblowing.
  • Retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Cases of “constructive discharge.”

Do You Need Legal Support?

If your employer has made working conditions so intolerable for you that you feel forced to quit, then that is what we refer to as “constructive discharge” and it is the legal equivalent to actual termination. For various reasons, it is beneficial to your case to consult with an attorney prior to resigning from your position, but if you have already quit, then legal counsel is still an available and appropriate option.

Fight Back Against Illegal Action

If you believe your termination involved any of the above circumstances, then contact The Spencer Firm as soon as possible. Our Rockville employment lawyers are committed to providing clients with effective and caring representation. We can protect clients from abusive employment practices.

Why choose The Spencer Firm?

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  • Provide client-centric counsel.
  • We work on a contingency fee bases.

At The Spencer Firm, we understand that this can be an extremely stressful time, and our lawyers are dedicated to providing compassionate counsel that incorporates your expressed needs and desires. You can rest assured that our firm cares deeply about the outcome of your case and that we will aggressively fight on your behalf.

Discuss Your Case With Trusted Legal Counsel

With over a decade of legal experience, our Rockville employment law attorneys are equipped and ready to assist you with your wrongful termination case. For years, we have successfully protected employees faced with wrongful termination that involved a wide range of circumstances. During an initial consultation, our lawyer will evaluate the details of your claim and give you an honest assessment on whether it is actionable.