Litigation Defense for Employers

Aggressive Rockville Attorneys

At The Spencer Firm, our focus is centered on helping clients prevent, mitigate, and resolve their unique concerns with minimal negative impact to their business. By taking a comprehensive approach centered on our clients’ needs and interests, we can help lay the foundation for future uninhibited growth. In complex situations where claims escalate or negotiation is not fruitful, we have the experience and willingness to aggressively litigate.

We Are On Your Side

If you are an employer facing a dispute or claim, it is best to get an experienced Rockville employment law attorney involved as soon as possible. With over a decade of experience helping business owners clear the path for prosperity, we can work to prevent litigation. In matters where litigation is necessary, we prepare thoroughly and provide clients with the information and advice needed to make sound, thoughtful decisions.

We can help companies defend against litigation in variety of employment law actions, including:

Why Employers Choose Us

Employers choose our Rockville employment lawyers because we can offer them the following:

  • A focus on communication.
  • A close working relationships with clients.
  • A thorough assessment and evaluation.
  • Services in English and Spanish.

We have represented a diverse set of business clients during litigation and are able to explain the full process ahead. When you choose to work with us, you can benefit from a team that thinks outside of the box and is aggressively committed not only to the issue at hand, but also to the foresight needed to position your company for future success.

Learn More About Our Litigation Services

The Spencer Firm invites you to request a confidential consultation with a Rockville employment law attorney who can better help you understand your current situation, rights, and available options. We can also discuss how we intend to approach your situation to produce a positive resolution