Prevention Services

Skilled Rockville Employment Lawyers

At The Spencer Firm, we are heavily focuses on helping companies and business owners prevent potential employment law issues before costly litigation. If you own a business, we consider your future plans, your finances, and the health of your workplace to allow for continued growth. We want your business to grow the right way so that if you face obstacles in the future, we are prepared to address them without catastrophic results.

Enlist Our Services

By establishing close client relationships and clear communication, our Rockville employment attorneys are able to develop personalized assessments and suggestions on how a particular business can best position itself to avoid future lawsuits and complaints.

We do so through a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Workplace investigations.
  • Workplace environmental modifications.
  • Wage and hour compliance review.
  • Cultural sensitivity / diversity training.
  • Mediations.

Our firm can also work closely with employers to draft or review legal documents and contracts for their unique business.

We can draft or review the following:

  • Employment manuals.
  • Employment agreements.
  • Severance agreements.
  • General release.
  • Non-compete agreements.
  • Non-solicitation agreements.

A Full-Circle Approach to All Employment Law Issues

In addition to offering effective prevention services that help employers avoid and mitigate future problems, we also have the experience and resources to help them should any issues arise. Often, this approach focuses on resolving matters before litigation. However, our lawyers are proven litigators who can help clients through the storm as well.

We can represent you in a range of actions, including:

  • EEOC mediations
  • Unemployment hearings
  • Administrative investigations
  • Litigation

Speak with Us About Your Matter

We place an emphasis on having clients become a part of our team and working closely with them to address the full scope of their concerns. If you would like to discuss our prevention services or how we can help you with any employment law matter, contact us today to speak with a Rockville employment lawyer.