Wage & Hour Compliance or Defense

Employment Lawyer in Rockville, MD

Wage and hour laws are complex, but it is a considerable concern for any company that looks to prevent or resolve employee disputes and grievances with minimal impact to the health of a business. At The Spencer Firm, we have extensive experience helping companies comply with and defend against various wage and hour issues.

Over the years, we have defended companies against Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and wage and hour complaints. We provide a thorough review of your wage practices. We then make suggestions to assure compliance. If necessary, we are prepared to defend you in litigation as well.

Some common issues involve the following:

  • Misclassifications: salaried vs hourly.
  • Misclassifications: independent contractor vs employee.
  • Proper documentation of hours worked.
  • Proper enforcement of duties (job description vs actual duties.)

Why Employers Choose The Spencer Firm

At The Spencer Firm, our Rockville employment law attorneys can offer you:

  • Comprehensive approach to prevention, negotiation, and litigation
  • Over a decade of experience working with a range of employers
  • A focus on close client communication and working relationships
  • Decades of experience

Our difference lies in how well we communicate with clients to assure they understand the process and how we are going to help them achieve their desired goals. We are very honest in our assessments, and we cultivate close relationships with clients so they can prevent or resolve the matter at hand and continue healthy, compliant growth.

Request a Consultation to Learn How We Can Help

Our comprehensive approach centered on compliance and prevention, negotiation, and litigation enables our team to meet the needs and goals of employers in even the most difficult situations. If you are looking to better understand employer obligations when it comes to wage and hour laws or resolve a claim, we invite you to request a consultation with a proven Rockville employment lawyer today